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Travertine Floors, The Closest You Can Get to Walking on Mars

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It’s not the first time that Australia’s red centre has been compared to an extraterrestrial locale. In this case travertine deposits are being scientifically linked to similar deposits on Mars. You may never get to visit the red planet, but if you install a travertine floor with tiles from a company like Zuccari you’ll be walking on the next best thing. What is Travertine? Travertine is a type of limestone found near mineral springs or in caves. It’s the same material that stalactites and stalagmites are made of. Stalactites are rock formations that hang from the ceiling of caves, while stalagmites are columns of rock that form on the bottoms of caves. Both are created from mineral deposits dripping from the ceiling. Since travertine is formed around water, the rock is infused with microscopic organic material such as algae. The...

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Business Owners: 3 Critical Steps To Take When Maintaining Your Carpark

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One of the most important parts of your business is the car park. It needs to be maintained throughout the years, which won’t be difficult thanks to these steps. Put Asphalt Filler In Potholes If there are potholes on your car park, it’s important to fill them in. Otherwise, when customers are walking up to your store, they could trip over them and injure themselves. One of the best things to put inside potholes is asphalt filler. Featuring an already pre-mixed solution, asphalt filler is ready to use the moment you purchase it. Simply pour it in the pothole and pack it in with a flat object. Packing it in is important because it will prevent the filler from breaking apart over the months. After filling in the pothole with this type of filler, the surface will be okay...

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Ideas For Using Christmas Banners And Flags As Part Of Your Business Holiday Décor

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Australia is one of the few places where Santa can get away with delivering toys while dressed in shorts. There may be a lack of snow, but there’s never a lack in holiday spirit during the Christmas Season in Australia. Make your store or business stand out by using creatively designed banners and flags as part of your seasonal décor and/or advertising strategy. Basics of Banners and Flags Most banners and flags are made of vinyl, which is weather resistant. Designs are created in house. Firms also allow you to provide your own artwork, usually in a digital format. A few let you go online and experiment with the various designs before ordering. Banners are usually of opaque vinyl, with the design screen printed on. If they are intended to hang over a large open space, such as a...

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