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Steel Fabrication: Evaluating Your Cutting Options

Posted by on May 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Steel Fabrication: Evaluating Your Cutting Options

Fabrication of steel products forms a big and rampant industry that caters to commercial, industrial, mining, oil & gas clients. Cutting is carried out to reduce steel pipes, sheets, rods or beams to the required size before joining. It can also be carried out to alter the shape of the metal or to create holes within the metal. There are various ways to undertake cutting. Shearing For metal sheeting, shearing is the best process as its fast and doesn’t require a lot of mechanical force. The metal sheets are arranged on a roller or a conveyer belt. The cutting is then carried out by vertical blade at the end of the cutting belt. The cutting tool then uses shear force and the sharp edge to affect the cutting. Sheets are best cut this way as they are thin and...

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