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Choosing Frame Material For Residential Carports

The decision to invest in a residential carport is definitely a wise one; however, bringing this decision into reality requires the homeowner to choose between different carport frame materials, among other important decisions. The choice of frame material has a significant impact on the physical appearance of the carport as well as its longevity.

This article discusses some of the materials commonly used to make carport frames for the benefit of those looking to invest in a residential carport.


Carport frames made of PVC are among the most commonly used in the residential setting. PVC-framed carports are preferred for a number of reasons including the fact that they are among the most affordable carport options. This stems from the fact that production of PVC frames is relatively cheap and can be done in bulk.

PVC-framed carports are also preferred for their low-maintenance nature. PVC frames are rust- and corrosion-free, and they often don’t need to be painted or stained once they’ve been installed.

A potential drawback of PVC frames for residential carports is that this material is known to expand and contract when exposed to excess sunlight for extended periods of time. As such, incorrectly installed PVC-framed carports can easily develop roof leakages as a result of frame expansion and contraction.

Aluminium-Framed Residential Carports

Aluminium-framed carports are also a popular choice for a large number of homeowners. Aluminium is preferred for the fabrication of carports for its 100 percent recyclability, among other reasons. This creates less ongoing demand for new raw materials used in frame fabrication. Aluminium-framed carports are therefore an eco-friendly choice.

The durability of aluminium-framed carports also explains their wide popularity.

Timber-Framed Residential Carports

Residential carports that come with timber frames are often preferred for their aesthetic value. These carports have a high aesthetic appeal thanks to the natural appearance of the frame material; however, timber-framed carports are not ideal for use in areas that receive high amounts of precipitation and moisture. This is because the carport frames will rot upon exposure to excess moisture, thereby affecting the structural integrity of the carport.

Homeowners who choose timber-framed carports need to ensure that the structure’s roof significantly overhangs its sides, front and back. This will help to reduce the likelihood of rain water running down and accumulating on the timber frames.

The right choice of carport frame material will ensure that homeowners get the most out of their investment. Contact a company like Alpha Industries for more information on installing a carport.